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Offer for buses and travel agencies – Bydgoszcz and surroundings.


One for the whole group to choose from


  • tomatosoup
  • chicken soup
  • sour rye soup
  • vegetable soup

One for the whole group to choose from

Main course

  • pork chop
  • breaded chicken breast
  • roast pork neck in sauce

Potatoes in water, a bouquet of salads and compote for each item

The price of the set is 35 zł per person


  • coffee/tea- 7zł
  • dessert: cake – 8zł

Order over 20 lunches – driver and pilot FREE lunch

Breakfast for the group


types of cold cuts, cheese, cottage cheese, cucumber, tomato, butter, scrambled eggs, coffee or tea

Cost: 25zł/person

In the form of a Swedish buffet

cold cuts, cottage cheese, yoghurt, cheese, hot dogs / sausage made of water, sausage fried with onion, scrambled eggs, eggs in mayonnaise, toast, salads, tomato, cucumber, jam, butter, bread, cereals, coffee, tea, juices

Cost: 35zł/person

Prices, accommodation and additional information

In case of arrival without prior reservation, the card prices apply:

  • Bus 20 people – 1 free gift
  • Bus 40 people – 2 free gifts
  • Bus over 42 people – 3 free gifts

Accommodation Prices:

  • Accommodation in a double room – 90zł/person
  • Accommodation in a triple room – 75zł/person
    *breakfast is included in the price

We accept orders for three possible locations:

  • Best INN*** Hotel & Restaurant ul. Łochowska 69, 85-395 Bydgoszcz, www.bestin.pl
  • EuroHotel** & Restaurant ul. Szubinska 93, 86-005 Białe Błota, www.eurohotel.com.pl
  • Recreation Center Wasosz, Albatros** Hotel & Restaurant ul. Nadbrzezna 10, Wąsosz 89-200 Szubin, www.wasoszwita.pl

Additional information:

  • We provide quick service max 30 minutes (after prior arrangement of the meal time)
  • Easy and quick access from the S5 and S10 expressways
  • Large, spacious parking lot with space for buses.

Our offer and contact details

Contact with our restaurant.